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Hello cold/flu my old friend… DO


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xun-xun asked: 5, 27, 21, 24, 29, 35 please! :D

Awww Yissssss <3

5. What do you think you’ll be doing right now?

Probably I would be sleeping. We know that’s a lie, I would be doing all the homework I didn’t do for the next day. Aaaahhh procrastination my old friend.

21. Will you read Hogwarts: A History?

I would really like to try but I fear I would fall asleep or just stare at the words and be like “how”. But I’m sure my curiosity would win and I would keep reading.

24. Which part of the castle will be your favorite?

EVERYTHING. But if I had to chose it would be the Great Hall.

27. Do you think you’ll be a fan of wizard music?

HELL YEAH!! (but muggle music would still be important to me)


29. How frequent will your visits to the library be?

I would try to be there everyday. I feel like it’s a great place to be, surrounded by books. 

35. At what time do you think you’ll go to bed on weekdays?

At the time I finish all the homework xD 


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Trying not to feel discouraged by other artists is hard. Why do you all draw so well you talented fuckers :_D

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Ahahahahaaaaa fuck you :D

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*takes a deep breath*


Here you have your hipster!AU boys for your viewing pleasure! :D And if you haven’t wished happy birthday to Vickymaus yet… GO AND DO IT! NOW!!

I- I CAN’T!!! MIUS, I LOVE YOU 5EVER!!!! ♥♥♥


Gaaaahh I love it!! Thank you so so SO MUCH!!! >w<

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I had an awesome afternoon with my lovely friends :) I still got a little bit of time until my birthday is gone! It felt a little strange, having no cake for dinner, but better this than nothing! I got a few presents, I am so happy >w<

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It’s 28th of December here in my country and it means THAT IT’S MY BITRHDAYYYY!! *happy dance*

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A little sneak peak of something I’m doing right now. I have two other drawings on cue… The Durins won over (I can’t help it).

anna tu me quieres matar!!!! D: D: want waant want

hahahahaha ya lo estoy pintando! Que lo pondre en la tiendecilla esa del Society6… he de poner cosillas xD 

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I am so deeply deluded for my last pic with gingerbread.
I liked it… but it seems no one really likes it actually ._. (talking in general)

…Bleah, I’m gonna do school stuff now.

Try not to worry about that darling, I know it’s easier said than done.

I understand you completely, it’s frustrating when you put effort into something you do and you get almost no feedback (say likes, reblogs… etc). It happens to me too (mostly when I put my own art instead of fanarts) and it only frustrates you more and more.


Give it time, you’ll see more people will like it :) It’s a good drawing!

That’s it, I know someone will understand the feels… 
Ah I feel stupid because it’s just a pic, I mean is nothing important and I know it, but yeah: it’ frustrating.
Especially after a SHITTY DAY, in every possible way, school, family, friends, even cosplay (we just lost the place where we must sleep for the conv of 7-8 december and everything fucked up). 
I mean I generally come here especially when everything is shitty… and bah I really should strap complaining about this -3- You people are the most precious things here :’)

Sorry for this ;3;

I’m very sorry you’ve had such a bad day… :( 

But hey, don’t you say “it’s just a pic, it’s nothing important” !! DON’T.
Every drawing we do is important, at least for us, the ones who make them. And it’s not only important because we put time and effort in doing it, it is also important because we put part of ourselves into it, intentionally OR -and generally- unintentionally. Wether it’s because we crave what we’ve represented or because we want to express it to the world or because we need it or because whatever. We do. Deep inside. 

So don’t you say that. It’s only normal that you feel down when something you’ve drawn doesn’t get the attention you were seeking, because it feels like nobody shares your feeling, it feels like crap because you needed recognition and you didn’t find it. It is only normal to feel deluded because you didn’t get feedback. It happens to me too and I’m pretty sure it happens to writers as well.

I wish I could also tell you something about how to avoid this but I’m afraid I haven’t got the answer to that yet :( It affects us and I reckon there’s little we can do about it. I’m sorry dear.

/hugs and searches for the drawing in question because I haven’t actually seen it yet. I have only seen the merch post and the process post :(

amen to all of this ^^^

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It’s stupid, but it actually made my day to know that Dean and I have a birthday in the same month! :’)

now that you mention it… me too *____*

19 days from mine and 27 days days from yours! I think its so awesome :D 

(this is gonna be me for the rest of the month)

This is so awesome <3

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alskjdfhsdka guys guys guys it’s December do you know what does that mean eh? eh? eh? MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING AW YIS MOTHERFUCKERS

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That moment when you realize that the step you took to get away from your insecurities and that stuff was for nothing because you are back to zero. Or worse.


Well the good news is that there are lots of ways you can make money as an illustrator and not have to work in public! And you’re not a failure until you give up trying and decide you’re a failure, ok? Artists get the short straw in life. Many of them never get recognition until it’s too late for them to ever know. If YOU think you can do it, then don’t pay attention to anyone who tells you otherwise.

Working in public is hell for anyone with anxiety triggered by social interactions. We just got a new office temp at our office, and I DREAD going to work on the days she works because, while she is very nice, it means I will be anxiously forced to interact with her all day. Do what you think you can handle. No one can tell you what you’re capable of but you, ok?

I’ve been thinking a good response to that because fuck, thank you Ducky. I really wasn’t expecting a reply and it just left me thinking all day over what you said. The problem is that I feel like I have no freaking idea of what to do, where to start and when I start digging on “how to…” I just feel like “what the hell why am I even trying”. I know it’s not good to compare yourself with others but sometimes you can’t help yourself and when you see how others almost effortlessly achieve something or anything they want (say followers, notes, commissions… whatever) you just sit there, trying your hardest and almost all of the time being all like: well… I tried. At least I tried.

Maybe it doesn’t make much sense but it’s something I have inside and when it comes out it eats me. And about working in public what pains me most is when you get looks of disapproval or pity from your family (mostly) because you are not freaking normal or something. Like, I feel like I can’t go to the same rhythm as everybody else or what I am expected to and it overwhelms me.

I just want to work doing what I love and where I don’t mind the hours I spend working because I enjoy it and I’m happy for once.

Anyway, thank you Ducky :) *hug*

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Mine (red + pokemon Y) and xun-xun’s (blue + pokemon X) 3DS XL that we finally bought today.

I can’t be more excited oh my god. I have mine charging and I want to play it noooooooow *sob*


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sradanvers asked: If you get this, can you post 5 facts about yourself and send this to 5 of your followers?

Oooh well, let’s see…

1) I cannot draw without music. Or do anything, really. I need to listen to music all the time.

2) I’m a master procrastinator and I hate it so much it makes me want to punch myself in the face. But I still procrastinate like a boss.

Ha hahaha hahahahahahahaha fuck.

3) I love to sleep with my cats (even if I have to sleep in strange and awkward positions because of them. I don’t have the heart to make them go away… my babies). The satisfaction of waking up with a warm ball of fluffy fur next to you is fucking awesome. I love my cats.

4) Did I say I LOVE cats?

5) I use glasses and I need to change them soon. I’m thinking of getting hipsterish-like ones… I don’t know. I need new glasses.

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Resisting the urge to punch a certain someone at work because she doesn’t understand that I have diabetes and my health comes before work. ALWAYS. BEFORE. FUCKING. EVERYTHING. (including work)

Seriously, dude, that ruined my fucking day. I am nervous as fuck, anxiety everywhere, doing my very best at work giving the 120% all the time, and now I have to hear this bullshit that I don’t put work before my illness?